Cuba Quarter Gallery

A selection of large images from the Cuba Quarter.

Cuba Street is the heart of bohemian Wellington, and like similar districts around the world, has been in the throes of gentrification. However, there's still enough spirit and genuine dodginess among the bars and boutiques to give it an edge that's lacking in Courtenay Place.
Left Bank shops - looking south
Left Bank materials - looking eastnortheast
Left Bank - looking west
Left Bank exit to Victoria St - looking west
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The Inner City Bypass - cutting through the old Café Bodega on the corner of Willis St and Abel Smith St
The Inner City Bypass - balcony, upper Cuba St
The Inner City Bypass - Tonks Ave from upper Cuba St
The Inner City Bypass - Tonks Ave graffiti: Into-city bus-pass/Get it?/car(e)free
The Inner City Bypass - community centre, Abel Smith St
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The Hope-Gibbons carpark from Taranaki St
The Hope-Gibbons carpark - looking from below
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