Urbane Jungle

Impressions of greenery in Wellington.

Cities, especially dense ones, are often stereotyped as joyless "concrete jungles". But they don't have to be like that, and this gallery shows some examples of vegetation on and around the buildings of central Wellington. These aren't traditional parks or gardens, but street trees, roof gardens, planter boxes, ivy and so forth, showing that even heavily built-up parts of cities can be alive with greenery, without the need for extensive "open" space.
'Carpark Gardens' - the Hope-Gibbons carpark from below
Ebor St townhouses covered in creepers
Ivy-covered building in Oak Park Ave - in the way of the bypass
Balconies in Tennyson St
Creepers enliven a blank wall of the Wakefield St YHA
Ivy-covered houses in Frederick St, Te Aro
Trees in the street and on buildings, Grey St
Café outside the High Court, Molesworth St
Street trees, with cabbage trees on athe podium of a high-rise, Lambton Quay
Plimmer Steps from the top
Pub tables by Plimmer Steps
Pocket park with 'hole-in-the-wall' coffee shop, corner of Victoria St and Manners St
Planter boxes screen a carpark, Victoria St near the corner with Mercer St
A miniature garden above shops in Willis St